My first Foodie Penpal Box

So, the other day the postman rang (once) and I got excited like a fat kid that hears the jingle of the icecream van...
It meant the mysterious parcel from my foodie penpal has arrived.

Foodie Penpal, what's that, you ask?
Every month you are assigned a penpal, that's as passionate about food as you, and then you send them an awesome box filled with cool baking or cooking stuff or homemade treats....whatever tickles your fancy. And in return you will receive an awesome box from someone else.
Easy. Awesome. Foodtastic.
This was the first time I participated, after reading about foodie penpals on Rock Salt's blog, and it was fun. So much fun, that I'll totally do it again next month!!

This is what the lovely Sarah from A Tomato Sardine has sent me.

- The cutest handwritten card ever.
- Ground Almonds, which I use almost on a daily basis, so that's a winner!
- A packet of Soy Garlic Sauce. This is a winner too because I have always been a bit intimidated by Asian cuisine, and already having the sauce will make it easy.
- Dried dates. Yes! Dried fruits might as well be the best thing on this planet. I'll be snacking on dates loads in the next couple of days.
- A little booklet, self-made by Sarah, that contains cool recipes and cooking stories. 
- A jar of cinnamon sticks, which makes me think that Sarah is either able to read my thoughts or actually stalking me, because I have been looking for cinnamon sticks for ages and couldn't find them anywhere!
- Handmade Chocolate from Wales. As you can see half of the bar is already gone. Need I say more?

Thank you so much Sarah!

If you like this idea (which is totally amazeballs, if you ask me) you should click on the button below and check out all the other foodie penpal boxes.

The Lean Green Bean


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the lovely post Edith!

  2. aw that is such a good idea!! fun to see what you got :)

  3. Love your package! What do you make with ground almonds? I could use some ideas, since we have some that I need to use up, and the only thing I've tried is a gluten-free pie crust with ground almonds and orange zest.

  4. I think Easy, Awesome, Foodtastic could be our new Foodie Penpals slogan! I really enjoy how everyone seems to have a touch of the psychic about them when it comes to these parcels :D

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