Bruschetta with Homemade Ciabatta Bread

Hands up guys, who has ever made their own sour-dough bread?

If you haven't, you better give it a shot now......because let me tell you, making bread is not only Granny-business. It's hip.
Baking bread is totally in. All the cool kids do it now.

And look how pretty the result is:

And it tasted awesome too!!!

See, you can only win by giving this bread experiment a go.

I'm not going to lie...bread is pretty amazing by itself. Ideally fresh out of the oven with a bit chunk of butter.
But you can totally make bread fancy-panty by loading it with a couple of delicious and simple ingredients and call it 'bruschetta'.

Look how I dressed my bread up:

Starring in this multi-flavour-sextett are

- Roast pepper, onion and bacon bruschetta

- Zucchini spread bruschetta (adapted from Barafras Kochloeffel)

- Classic tomato and mozarella bruschetta

- Spinach pesto and parmesan bruschetta

- Strawberry and goats cheese bruschetta (adapted from Shutterbean)

- Walnut spread bruschetta (adapted from Souvlaki for the soul)

...hard to pick a favourite!

So, now that I have done my very best to make your mouth water and to make you crave home-made bruschetta, I will not give you the recipe.


I am not giving you the recipe here, on this blog. Because the lovely people from wheretoeat.ie, a fantastic  website where you can check out and review restaurants, let me write a guest post in their blog section about my 'Last of the Summer Bruschetta'.

Please check it out here and if you're from Ireland, go have a look what wheretoeat.ie have to offer!!

Buon appetito :)

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