OMG Is it already October?!?

Autumn is here!!!!!!!!
Well not technically, and not that you could notice a difference between summer and autumn in Ireland anyway...
But it is here and I am totally down with all the autumn food that's available in an abundance now. Gimme apples and mushrooms and pumpkins (oh how I wish one could get hold of pumpkin puree here) and chestnuts and beet and cabbage.
And let's make soup with it. Because cold, miserable days only require a bowl of hearty goodness to become a winner. 
Soup is so on my autumn bucket list...

Edith's Autumn Bucket List
- Make soup. All the soup. 
  I especially got my eyes on Joy the Baker's Carrot Apple Ginger Soup,
- Accompany the soups with homemade bread rolls. If I can make bread, I should be able to make rolls. Right?
- Purchase real, proper boots. Because refusing to wear boots in winter even tough it is snowing because that would mean winter has won the battle with you, seems a bit childish at the age of 19. These boots from Topshop are gorgeous me thinks!
- Rock the scarves. Any shape, any colour will do. A warm neck is my priority this autumn.

On a completely different note....I missed the Foodie Penpal reveal day. I am sorry, I only have procrastination to blame.

My Second Foodie Penpal Box
Last time was so much fun, I just had to take part again.
The blogger I was assigned to was Anna from Grow Your Own Food, and I tried my best to send her a parcel full of things she and her family would enjoy. I think I succeeded....

In return I received a generous and lovely box from Kris Stone. Thank you Kris!!! You absolutely hit the spot, you ledgebag!

In my box there were....
- Chinese tea. It is delicious, I already had a cuppa :)
- Black Cardamon. Kris let me know that this is an ingredient in Vietnamese Pho, a dish I am dying to try!!
- Harissa Paste. It seems very, very spicy.....me likey!
- Jamie Oliver Stuffing. Ugh. Jamie, marry me already.
- Homemade Egyptian spice mix. I have yet to use this in a dish, but I totally had a teaspoon full of the nuts and spices...without anything else. God, this is good!
- Lavender Sugar. I have never ever heard of this before. I am excited, it looks and smells so nice.

Also, adored the Alice in Wonderland tags, thank you so much Kris!

(In case you are wondering what the Foodie Penpal thing is all about, this button will take you to its origins.)

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  1. I more than agree with you about autumn food, Edith! So exciting. Can't wait to see your soups, they all sound so tasty.


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